You Think, I Think

Perspective is everything. It isn’t a question of better or worse, but moreover a question of choice. When we value our ability to choose; we the value the consequences of our choices. And in effort to accomplish what we believe we must; we are obliged to sacrifice.

Ironically, the sacrifices we make will never be understood from the perspective of the on-looker, as it is so wholeheartedly recognized by oneself.

We are constantly surrounding ourselves with ideas. Every interaction we partake in (not restricted or limited to other people) helps create a bit more of who we will ultimately become. Our growth is constant; with an endless capacity for knowledge and understanding.

We as individuals share a unique adventure that no one else can coherently relate to. We may share many similar experiences, but our journey is restricted to us; we create the vision, we create the story, and we create the legacy for our own lives.

Everyday we become more; more of ourselves – more cultured to what we expose ourselves to. Every second, of every minute, our perspective is changing and evolving. We mustn’t settle ourselves for yesterday’s ambition. We know more at this hour than we did at this time yesterday. Whether we realize it or not, every choice we make affects how we perceive reality.

When we take the time to think; to reflect on what we have done, we in-turn become more aware of ourselves and who we really are as individuals. We see the consequences of our choices – in light as well as in darkness. We are fallible creatures; we are not error-free. This is the beauty of life; we learn through our experiences. And if we learn to view objectively, we learn abundantly.

At this moment, we are exactly where we wish to be. Where we are now is a choice we made through the talents and knowledge we bestow. We can only use the resources that we have obtained; we cannot use what we do not have.

By this token, every individual is doing the best to which they are aware of. We are creatures of habit. What we have experienced over the years, regardless of the various endeavors we have endured, we learn from. We learn to enjoy who we are and we become what we once wished to be.

The choices made by others that we do not understand are a result of our own ignorances. When we dare to subject ourselves to a completely reverse perspective, we begin to understand how similar we all really are; none of us better than the next. As we begin to appreciate each other for our differences as opposed to our similarities, we as a species of society grow closer to an ideal that separates us from all other animals: the ability to live and become more than an individual.

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One Response to You Think, I Think

  1. Alicia Wood says:

    Well written. Obviously, the choice you made in your early years to come to me for homework help has gotten you where you are today. 😉 No, in all seriousness, this was a very insightful read. I like the layout of your blog- simple, introspective, and lovely. Keep it up. I look forward to reading more from you.

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