Hasty continuance

Time in the purest sense is one of the few playing fields in life that is without advantage. We all are subject to eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds per given day. How we spend our time isn’t nearly as curious as to how much time we spend.

We all have the opportunity to live, but how many of us actually live each day to its maximum potential? We sleep endlessly, walk aimlessly, and are waiting for something new and exciting to happen in our lives.

We hear our peers shout and profess carpe diem and live life to the fullest, but few of us possess the fortitude to accept these helpful hints of hardship. Life may not be easy when lived properly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable.

Every day we rise at some point to begin our quest to somehow make it back to the bed to which we just crawled out of. We are passionate about sleep; we are passionate about our droll dreams that serve as fulfillments for our own insecurities; we passionately carry out the belief and action of contentment.

We sing and dance to our favorite songs, rebelliously wishing to be celebrated as an individual. We celebrate our nonconformity to society; we celebrate our vast uniqueness.

We live for the present in fear of tomorrow. But we ought not help shorten the process of life with a blatantly reckless mindset. But rather, let us be unique by outliving our peers; not in a sense of duration, but rather in a sense of passion. Let us show the world how unique we are by giving ourselves the best opportunity to succeed not today, but tomorrow.

Live. Venture outside of your comfort zone. Grow.

Dare to see the darkness turn into light, and let this sign of a new day be all that you need to feel a motive and a reason to live. Realize with this sign, that you are lucky for yet another day. Is this not enough?

Celebrate yourself. You are the unique individual that you are for a reason and on purpose. An individual without counterfeit imitation.

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