Fail, fail, and fail some more

Failure is what we ought to be striving for everyday. When we fail, we attempted what we were not afraid to do. We succeed when we learn to overcome our imaginary sense of fear; our preconceived notions of failure. When we do what we fear most, we conquer our fear.

When faced with that insurmountable challenge, realize that no success has been made without failure previously. Learn the ropes. Seize the opportunity to play a practice round in preparation for that tournament round tomorrow. This is the time to loose the timidity and test the waters. Learn sooner then later what works and what does not.

When you fail, smile. Smile knowing the next time you are faced with this similar predicament, you have educated yourself with more knowledge – pertaining to what it takes to become a success.

Each day is made up of hundreds of moments and opportunities to overcome ourselves. When we can learn to step outside of our comforts and pleasantries, we instill the disciplines and fortitude needed to become what we wish and strive to become.

Never settle for who you are today. The person you can become tomorrow is better; more knowledgable, more persistent, more alive. Do not let the opinions of others prevent you from failing. This is your life; your game; your moment. Live your life for you. Your life is your responsibility, take action.

Laugh at those who judge your failures. Grin at those who smirk at your ambitions. Smile at those who are content with yesterday’s successes. Before you know it, achievement will be the routine to which you call your hobby.

Choose to fail. Choose to surround yourself with the people who are going where you want to go; these are the pieces granted and given to you to become a success.

Do not let the people you choose to put in your world pull and gravitate you down to their level of complacency. Learn from your peers what you have not yet taught yourself. Listen to perspectives in hopes of loosing your subjectivity; replace what was with objectivity.

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